5 Essential Elements for Successful Mobile Website Design


5 Essential Elements for Successful Mobile Website Design | Video

The mobile web is exploding will be the #1 way people go online by 2013. 3G and 4G connectivity along with and increasing WiFi provide people with almost constant connectivity. People use mobile devices for entertainment, social media, local business searches and more. For business looking for new customers a mobile website is no longer optional.

Here are 5 elements that will help you build a good successful one.

  1. Designed to fit all devices. It needs to be compatible with all phones not just iPhones
  2. Keep it Simple. You mobile site should be a stripped down version of your main site
  3. Make navigation easy. They should be key design elements that are thumb friendly
  4. Include a "Click-to-Phone" option that makes it easy to call you
  5. Make easy to connect in every way including; e-mail, blog subscriptions and social media.

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