Ft. Lauderdale SEO Consultants


Ft. Lauderdale SEO Consultants

What is Ft. Lauderdale SEO anyway? Remember how simple marketing used to be? Expensive and not terribly effective but it was simple. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages, the local paper and maybe a radio spot or two and that was it. Today it’s all about search. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the sources of billions of inquiries each month and if your business is going to thrive it has to have a marketing strategy that can tap into that organic search traffic. If your website is not getting the organic search traffic you expected, it’s time to contact the leading Ft. Lauderdale SEO consultants at WSI Online Solutions.

Ft. Lauderdale SEO – Digital Marketing That Works

Without question, search engines represent the most powerful marketing tool ever devised. Today’s consumer doesn’t have to thumb through a phone book looking for a general category; he or she can enter a search term that is laser targeted to a specific item or service and get instant results.

The goal for a business is to get first crack at that consumer who is searching in real time and that means appearing on the first page of the search results. But how do you do that? The answer is you probably can’t by yourself. Search engine optimization is a moving target. Google is constantly refining and updating its algorithm to improve the relevancy of the search returns. You have a business to run. Do you really have the time to learn SEO, stay current with the changes and implement a comprehensive strategy?

The expert Ft. Lauderdale SEO consultants at WSI will design, develop and maintain a digital marketing strategy that will greatly enhance the quality of targeted organic search traffic you receive. Quality traffic means more conversions and more conversions means a greater ROI on your marketing budget.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • It all starts with identifying the actual keyword phrases your customers are using in their searches. Knowing precisely what your customers are looking for and how they are searching for it allows you to optimize for searches with high commercial intent. Once this list is developed, it serves as the foundation for all other optimization efforts.
  • How your website is designed determines how easy it is for search engines to get the information they need about each of your pages. WSI web designers/developers structure websites that are easy for search engines to consume resulting in fast indexing. If you’re not in the index you’re not in the game.
  • How your content is presented is almost as important as what it says. At WSI we’ll do all of the on page optimization including meta tags, meta descriptions, page titles and links.
  • If your Ft. Lauderdale business serves the local area then you’ll want to take advantage of WSI’s extensive experience with Florida businesses to get the best possible ranking for local search.

Search traffic has the potential of being your greatest source of new business. Contact us today and we will be happy to share our ideas on how you can best take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity.

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