Florida SEO Consultants



Florida SEO Consultants

For any business or organization in Florida SEO should be an essential part of your marketing efforts. The right SEO strategy will drive that highly targeted traffic of potential new customers to your website that you need to help your business grow.

Here are a few statistics that drive home the point:

  • 93% of all users worldwide use a search engine to find and access a website.
  • Ranking on page one of the search results is critical. 75% of users never scroll to page 2 or beyond.
  • Over half of all users search every day and 47% of those searches are for product information or services.

To be competitive your website not only has to be optimized for your targeted audience but your traffic driving efforts have to be effective and ongoing. Search engine optimization is not a “fire and forget” proposition.

Driving new revenue “naturally”

As Google and the other major search engines update their algorithms that control search returns, it is just not realistic for most businesses to stay on top of the every change.  That’s why it’s so important to have en SEO expert working with you. With traditional advertising, businesses placed ads with publishers and broadcasters based on circulation, audience size and demographics. Often times those advertising dollars were chasing less than 10% of the audience reached. Today the advertiser doesn’t chase the audience, the audience searches for the advertiser (via searches for product information). With billions of searches each month it doesn’t matter what you sell, from Ferraris to farm implements there is someone looking for what you have. The key then is to beat out the competition and be “found” first and that’s where search engine optimization comes in.

If your site and marketing plan are optimized for the search terms important to your business you’ll find search to be an amazing source of new sales. The South Florida SEO consultants at WSI Online Solutions understand how to use SEO to accomplish your marketing goals.

You run your business we’ll run your SEO

WSI has worked extensively with savvy Florida businesses that have taken advantage of our SEO services to improve their ranking on the search engine results page. We can do the same thing for you. Our process involves assembling a market researched list of keyword phrases, building a search engine friendly website, creating quality content that lends real value to the visitor along with ongoing analytics. SEO is part of our comprehensive marketing program.

Contact us today for a free analysis and find out how WSI Online Solutions can help grow your business.