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Paid Search Engine Marketing for Your Florida Business

“Drive targeted leads to your website and away from your competitor’s.”

PPC Ads Offer Florida Businesses a Small Investment on Leads with the Potential for a Great Return

How valuable would it be if you could have a link to your site appear in the search results anytime someone searched for your product or service online? How much would it impact your bottom line if you could dramatically bring down the cost of acquiring new customers?  WSI’s Top Florida Internet Marketing Consultant Peter V. DeCrescenzo can launch a Paid Search Engine Marketing campaign that can help you to do both. By funneling highly targeted leads directly to your website PPC ads can help grow your Florida business and increase the return on your marketing spend.

How Does Paid Search Engine Marketing Work?

Paid Search Engine Marketing is sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. When someone searches for keywords specific to your business, a text ad with a link to your site will appear. You have undoubtedly seen these ads that usually appear as “sponsored links” along the top and the side of a search results page. Web users searching for your product or service can now find your business regardless if you appear in the natural search results. By running Pay Per Click ads you can increase the highly targeted traffic to your web site you most covet.

PPC Ads can provide a great return for your Florida business…but only when you get it right.

There are people searching for what you offer right now but can’t find you. That’s businesses you missing. The key to connecting with those customers is to know exactly what keywords they are using to search. Peter V. DeCrescenzo is a certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant and can develop a Keyword Analysis Report specific to your business.  Those keywords will then be usedto create a targeted Paid Search Engine Marketing campaign. Peter will set up, manage and analyze the daily results of your Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign insuring you get the best ROI.

Paid Search Engine Marketing is a lot like the food court in a mall. Shoppers are walking around “window shopping” for something to eat. Every place has some kind of food but someone looking for sushi will head toward the Asian spot rather than the pizza place. And if he or she sees a deal they may end up with some tempura and green tea alongside the sushi. So what is the point here?

A web user is more complex than someone grazing through a food court. He or she doesn’t search for “city + restaurant” anymore. They’re more likely to search “suburb / area code + sushi”. It would take a great deal of work for a local sushi spot to rank high in the natural search results. However a Pay Per Click ad like, “Best Sushi in Ft. Lauderdale! Let her know you have great taste!” can drive the targeted traffic you want to your web site.

PPC ads means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad

Unlike more traditional advertising you never pay for placement. You only pay if someone actually clicks on your ad. You will generally only pay a few pennies for a click. Once someone has clicked they will be sent to a very specific landing page on your site that your WSI Consultant Peter V. DeCrescenzo will help you to optimize. There’s little fear that your ad will appear and get unwanted clicks from a user searching for “sporting goods in Weston” when you’re offering “spa treatments in Ft. Lauderdale” for example.

Peter V. DeCrescenzo will assist you with your Paid Search Engine Marketing campaign and offer value added tracking tools to ensure you can track your marketing spend and that your receiving the ROI you’re looking for. Call now for your PPC ad campaign roll out!