Search Engine Marketing for Florida Businesses


Search Engine Marketing for Florida Businesses

“The focus is on maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with prospects, at whatever stage they may be in their decision making or buying process.”

Targeted Search Engine Marketing Begins with Nurturing Leads

Florida businesses and businesses around the world can no longer afford to treat online marketing as something they will eventually get around to. It has evolved into a scientific high-margin area for dedicated specialists in areas like SEO and content marketing. Without some expertise your business risks losing competitiveness to other companies. But with some direction Targeted Lead Marketing or Search Engine Marketing can be one of the most powerful ways for Florida businesses like yours to leverage the Internet.

Your web site is your 24/7 marketing vehicle and a powerful tool to interact with customers. By applying Search Engine Marketing best practices you can convert online visitors into qualified leads and then convert those leads into sales and profits. The focus is on maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with prospects, at whatever stage they may be in their decision making or buying process. Consider what systems you can install to create a strong lead nurturing discipline at your company?

Creating Faith in Your Florida Customers

An effective Search Engine Marketing campaign involves developing a constant and relevant interaction with potential customers. There are a number of innovative, cost-efficient ways to keep you continually connected to your current and prospective customers. Many of them involve SEO or content marketing.

  • Auto-responders
  • Click-to-call (Internet to phone)
  • Email marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogs

A focused Search Engine Marketing campaign can help you to gather and cultivate early-stage leads and continually add valuable opportunities to your sales funnel. Drawing increased traffic to your website is like having more people visit your store, it only gets you half way there. The object of your sales and online marketing efforts is to grow the number of people who perform the task you desire – that is to buy what you’re offering and encourage others to do the same. Every online business should develop a comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy. Peter DeCrescenzo, WSI’s Top Florida Internet Marketing Consultant, can work with you to design, implement and monitor the results of your search engine marketing campaign.

Cold calling leaves ‘em cold

Besides the expense of telemarketing, can you really afford to risk turning off potential buyers with annoying cold calls? Wouldn’t you prefer to send a regular e-Newsletter to people who opted-in? With one click you can reach a huge audience of people who are already interested. So what if they aren’t ready to buy now, you’ll keep their attention and develop their trust over time. You may even wind up with a referral. That is the kind of customer relationship you want to nurture. “Nurture” is defined as “to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful”. Having your lead nurturing process in place allows you to gather and cultivate early-stage leads so that your marketing and sales funnel can capitalize on valuable opportunities. Your prospects will consider what you’re offering and move at their own pace through the buying cycle. It’s your challenge to strike a balance between staying connected with relevant information and throwing them off with overbearing follow-up. It is the kind of challenge that an experienced Florida Search Engine Marketing Consultant like Peter DeCrescenzo can expertly handle.

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