Web Analytics


Web Analytics are Essential to Marketing Your Florida Business Online

"Learn a great deal about who your visitors are and how they interact with your website."

To know your visitors is to grow your visitors

Web Analytics are simply a way of tracking the visitors to your web site and learning how they behave once they get there. It is also sometimes referred to as web site traffic analysis. Peter DeCrescenzo is WSI’s Top Florida Online Marketing Consultant and is an expert atapplyingweb analytics and web audits. These tools are used to compile data on your web traffic so you can better understand how visitors are interacting with your site. You can then leverage that information to dramatically increase the number of site visitors that convert into customers. It’s all part of an overall Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Strategy designed to make your Florida business more competitive.

Every web site must have well defined goals and objectives. Those goals vary greatly from business to business. Your objective may be anything from making a sale to registering a subscriber to generating a lead. When a site visitor accomplishes that objective it’s called a conversion. You can apply web analytics data to optimize your site so that it funnels visitors where you want them to go and increase your rate of conversions. Contact WSI’s Top Florida Internet Marketing Consultant Peter DeCrescenzo to find out how to improve your conversion rate and increase the return on your online marketing dollar.

Data? I hardly know her

Peter DeCrescenzo is certified in search engine optimization and the use of web analytic tools to measure a number of valuable visitor metrics such as:

  • number of unique visitors
  • number of clicks
  • engagement
  • open rates
  • conversions
  • demographics
  • time spent & more

If you’re like most modern business owners you probably embrace the real potential of all this data but feel overwhelmed by it and are asking yourself:

  • How will I find the time to master the technology that delivers the solutions I know I need to compete in a modern market place?
  • How should I determine what metrics to measure?
  • How can we establish a data-centric company culture?
  • How can I digest and apply all the web analytics data I have at my disposal and turn it into results?

Contact WSI’s Top Florida Internet Marketing Consultant Peter DeCrescenzo to find out how

Keeping track of other Florida businesses is part of SEO

Web analytics goes beyond analysis of your site by providing you insight into your competitors as well. Competitive data can provide an apples-to-apples comparison of you to your online competitors and your industry. Your WSI Weston Consultant Peter DeCrescenzo can help gather data that enables you to gauge metrics such as:

  • the share of industry visitors to your site
  • the effectiveness of competitors campaigns
  • industry conversion rates, & more

To know your customers is to grow your customers

Through the application of web analytics you can discover who your visitors are and how they interact with your web site.  Web analytics can tell you how visitors arrived at your site—search engine, external link, pay-per-click ad, etc.  You can also tell how long they remained on each page, where they clicked, what pages they viewed as well which page they exited.

Once you understand visitors’ behavior, you will be able to identify and eliminate navigational obstacles that slow down or obstruct them. The result will be an improved visitor experience and a greater number of conversions. Peter DeCrescenzo is an expert in applying data driven, measurable methods to grow your business using Web Analytics. Call for a free consultation today.