Internet Marketing Strategy


Any Good Internet Marketing Strategy Includes Conversion Architecture

"Every click on your site should be a step towards a conversion."

What is Conversion Architecture?

Conversion Architecture starts by defining your business goals and target audience, and then ensuring that every element of your site persuades visitors to take the desired actions.

These elements include:

  • Persuasive copy
  • Calls to action
  • Conversion tools

The guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture is that all websites must have a persuasive purpose. Building your site with Conversion Architecture in mind will result in more visitors doing what you want them to online – whether that is signing up for a free consultation or buying a new product.

Website Optimization Means Your Florida Business Will Always Be Closing

Your web site can be your most effective sales rep. Like a good sales rep it needs follow this simple rule…Always Be Closing. That's why conversion architecture is so important. Peter DeCrescenzo is WSI's Top Florida Internet Marketing Consultant and he understands that. He can help you to integrate your overall internet marketing strategies and align them with the desires of a majority of your website visitors to achieve far greater results through conversion architecture

Peter DeCrescenzo has helped businesses in Florida and throughout the U.S. turn their web site into their primary marketing vehicle. The value of your site comes not simply from drawing visitors but from converting them into customers.

Conversion Architecture Turns Your Website Into a Sales Funnel

Your audience is most often profiled based on their needs, problems and demographics but it's the point they are at in the buying cycle that will most decide their behavior on your site.   Your goal is to ensure that every element of your website persuades visitors to take the actions that lead to the delivery of your objectives.  We call this a conversion. It could mean anything from making a purchase to registering for a newsletter. Every click on your site should be a step towards a conversion. Visitor satisfaction with every click on your site should build confidence until they're converted into a customer. Peter DeCrescenzo can help you draw a stream of traffic through your funnel and then monitor and analyze your conversion results to track your ROI and the impact on your bottom line. It's all part of an overall website optimization strategy.

Conversion Architecture begins by determining your business goals and target audience. Every element of your website should then be constructed to persuade visitors to take the actions you desire. Peter DeCrescenzo is an expert in developing elements like; persuasive copy, calls to action and conversion tools including live chat or click to call technology. We'll help you to increase your credibility with site visitors using tactics by showing you how leverage testimonials and case studies from clients you've served. The guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture is that all websites must have a persuasive purpose.

Constructing a site with Conversion Architecture™ in mind will lead to more conversions  – whether that is registering for a free consultation or purchasing a product.

The Internet Marketing 40/40/20 Rule

Conversion Architecture follows the 40/40/20 Rule – 40% Audience Targeting, 40% Offer and 20% Creativity. This concept was developed by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in it's outlining of parameters that determine the success of an Internet Marketing campaign. When or not you're using Internet Marketing tools and strategies like PPC advertising or search engine optimization your website is still your primary marketing vehicle. Be sure to:

  • Construct it using the 40/40/20 rule
  • Focus on the majority of users and their varied profiles
  • Develop multiple acquisition channels making a variety of offers
  • Design a creative, unique and personalized experience for visitors

Get started today by signing up for an Information Architecture™ meeting with a Peter DeCrescenzo today. We'll help you to identify the details of your 40/40/20 formula and learn to leverage the power of your site. Call and book an appointment today.